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January 29, 2016 |

Artist Michele A. Steiger Displays her Art in our Tasting Room

Michele A. Steiger


Michele A. Steiger is a realist painter, who works primarily in oils and pastels.  Her inspiration is drawn from the rural scenes of Southern Mayland, Virginia, and the beach and marsh areas of the New Jersey shore.  Her travels are her main influence for her art.  Michele often spends long hours camera in hand, photographing scenery.  She wants to show the beauty of nature in the oft-overlooked, vibrant details of everyday scenes.


One private collector has said each painting and pastel tells a story, like opening a book.  Another said her windows create an illusion that invite the viewer behind the curtains through the windows.  Michele's architectural paintings have been compared to Edward Hopper, but more uplifting.


Her work is frequently on display at various art shows, galleries, and stores in the Southern Maryland area.  Michele is often commissioned to paint landscapes, historic buildings and private homes.





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